Question of the Week – #2

Yesterday I took a little break from my crazy week to play around with my new iPad (this thing is awesome!) and read a few articles on Flipboard.  That’s where I came across this awesome quote.  It actually comes from the article What It Means To Be a Geek from The Mary Sue.


I read this quote and thought to myself, “Yep! I’m a geek!”  I started thinking of all the things I geek out about just like the quote says and the list was long.  Just off the top of my head I thought of this list…and I’m just getting started!  😉  When I like things I am pretty passionate about them.


Oh!   I can’t forget Joss Whedon.  I always geek out for something Joss Whedon works on.

Oh yeah.  Did I mention musicals?  😉


This leads me to my question of the week…

What is that one thing (or things) that makes you so happy that you “geek out”?  I can’t wait to hear the answers to this one.  It’s fun to learn about people by what they enjoy.


p.s.  Did you notice that I used the same font for my question as they use for the credits on Firefly (and Eureka…this is a problem for me…they shouldn’t share fonts!)?  Have I mentioned that I like Joss Whedon?  Hehe!  :-)

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