Week in Pictures – Week Five

Last week was a busy and fun week.  Here’s a peek at what it looked like.

I made some zipper pouches for Dreaming in Craft orders,


spent some time with my pal Renée on Thursday and went to a movie and Amy’s ice cream with another Friend on Friday,


posted a giveaway and a new series on the blog,


took silly pictures of the pets,


spent a little time outside (as much as my allergies would let me…not much),


and finally got my iPad!


That’s pretty much it for my week.  This is going to be a busy/fun week, too.  I have a meeting tonight, a trivia night Tuesday and plans to hang out with a great friend on Friday.  In between I’ll be sewing like crazy!  :-)  It’s a nice change since the last couple of months have been really stressful.


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