Week in Pictures – Week Seven

It’s Monday!  I mean, it’s Monday.   Hehe!  Just kidding!  But, it is time to look back at last week and start working on this week.  Last week consisted of five things for me.



I finished cutting some felt for hair clips,

posted my first DIY on the blog,

and made some Stormy plushies!





This week I finally quit Time Warner…well, just the wireless internet.  I have had problems with it from the beginning so I finally decided to try something else.  I’m trying Clear.  So far, so good.

I got a fun new case for my iPad.  It has a keyboard.  This has made doing some of my work on the iPad so much easier!

Then I did lots of work.  :-)





I spent some time with old and new friends eating lots of yummy treats.

My mom’s birthday was this week!  We celebrated with some carrot cake!

There you go.  Just five words.  What words described your week?

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