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Week in Pictures – Week Fourteen

This week was spent doing a lot of planning and sewing.  Getting ready for the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show and making some big changes kept me very busy.  Here’s a little peek into my week of sewing.

I woke up at 4:30 one morning to finish up a project before work.  This is how much thread I had left when I finished the project.  Eeks!

I bought a bunch of felt for some new plushies I’ve been working on.  Notice the new colors.

I worked on a new plushie pattern.  I’ll be making a prototype this week!

Oh, and Bo went to the groomers and got a bath.  Doesn’t he look cute?  And very patriotic.  :-)

It’s probably going to be a little quieter than usual around here for the next couple weeks.  I have a lot of work to do to prepare for the summer show.  I’ll be back with more giveaways, DIYs and Dreaming in Craft news soon.

Have a great week!


Week in Pictures – Week Thirteen

Another week has come and gone too fast.  This week is the official start of summer!  It seems like we’ve been in summer for a while since it’s so hot here.  Sadly, it’s just going to get hotter.  I guess that’s actually a good thing.  It will keep me inside sewing more.  I have lots of work to do.

I decided to take a little blog break this weekend to focus on Dreaming in Craft.  I have a few new items I’m working on to add to the shop very soon.  I have one new plushie and another one in the planning stages and then I have a super secret project I’m working on that will make it’s debut in just a couple more weeks.  I can’t wait!  I posted some sneak peeks on Instagram this weekend.  Did you see them?

I also got some more work done on my lunch breaks this week. I’m trying to get all of my hair clips done by the end of this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.


The pets were acting silly…as usual. :-)

Bo does NOT like to share his yard with anyone.


I saved the best for last. The highlight of my week was getting a new DIY ready and posted on the blog! did you see it?

How was your week?


DIY – How To Make a Magnetic Picture Frame Display

It’s time for me to start focusing on craft shows.  I took a little time earlier in the year to work on new ideas for Dreaming in Craft and I had some family stuff come up.  Now I need to get to work getting ready to take all my new products to craft shows later in the year.  :-)

One of the things I’m most excited about this craft show season is working on a new booth display.  Last year I didn’t really have a design.  I just displayed everything on the table.  This year I plan to make it really special to fit with the look of Dreaming in Craft.  I’m really excited about some of the ideas I have already.  Last year I made a magnetic picture  frame to display some felt pins and I thought I would share how I made it in case any of you would like to try for your own craft show displays.

That’s it!  Wasn’t that easy?

If you make a magnetic frame I would love to see pictures of it with your products on display.  Just comment with a link to the location or email me at!


Week in Pictures – Week Twelve

Last week was kind of a weird week for me.  I haven’t been feeling great and I’m still having a lot of trouble sleeping.  Add to that a couple of evening meetings and I was kind of fried.  I did get to have a little hang out time with my friends Renée and Maja (on separate occasions) this week so that made me feel  better.  It was nice to just chat and not think about the massive to-do list I had waiting for me for a little while.  :-)

Here’s a quick peek at my week.

I started Craft Academy!  I’m already behind.  Gotta get caught up today.

I did a little lunch break crafting.  I like to work on hair clips during my lunch breaks at work because they’re quick and easy to pack in a bag.

I have a bird house on my front porch and every year I get a mama bird.  I finally got a picture of her this weekend.  She was mad because one of the neighborhood cats was lounging on my porch.  she sat on this plant talking to her babies until the cat left.

Couldn’t sleep…again.

Oh! And Bo got a summer hair cut. He looks so silly! Where are his ears?? 😉

How was your week?

Keep an eye on the blog this week.  I have a new DIY coming up!


Sunday Songs – Home Again

When I hear a song that really speaks to me I like to tag it with my phone so I can go back and listen to it again later.  A while ago I heard Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka.  I honestly don’t remember where I was or what I was thinking about at the time that made me really connect with the song.  I just loved what the song was saying.  Today while I was sitting here looking through songs to post for Sunday Songs I came across the song again and it was just right for expressing what I needed to say this week.  I’m not sure why but it’s been a weird week for me.  I have been extra stressed and emotional. Maybe it’s because I have a lot going on and never ending to-lists to remind me of that or it could be that I’m having trouble sleeping.  Maybe it’s all of those things.  When I listened to the song again it was kind of a reminder to let things go and just do the best I can and know that the hard times will pass just like they always do.  I’m not sure that’s exactly what the song was saying but it’s what I took from it in that moment.


I hope you have a wonderful week and this some brought you a little inspiration like it did for me.  I’ll be back later this week with a new DIY so be sure you check back to see what it is.  :-)


Light Up

Light Up is the story of a little girl who dreams of seeing the stars.  Then one day something magic happens.



Light up from Light up on Vimeo.


The animation in this story is beautiful.  I love the girl’s face.

The colors are so pretty…

and the lighting makes it even more spectacular.

Most of all I love that this story reminds us that magic can happen.

I hope it brightened your day.  :-)


Week in Pictures – Week Eleven

This week was a catch up week.  Between working on other projects and other family responsibilities I have gotten a little behind on my Dreaming in Craft work.  I have been frantically working for the past couple weeks to finish up projects for my consignment stores so I can start focusing on craft shows!  I’m getting excited!  I haven’t been able to do a show in too long.

Working so much means lots of late nights

and coffee.


Here is some of what I made this week!


The Frazzles were acting especially silly last week! 😉

How was your week?


The Joy of Books

When I was younger I thought it would be so fun to work in a book store.  I love to walk around all the different sections looking for book covers that catch my eye.  I could spend hours in a bookstore (especially if there’s coffee)!

I do love being able to have a book I want instantly on my Kindle but there really is nothing quite like a real book…

especially if it comes from a bookstore as magical as this one.  :-)

Have you read any good books lately?  I always love recommendations.


Week in Pictures – Week Ten

It’s Monday again.  That means there’s only one more day to enter the May Dreaming in Craft giveaway!  You better hurry!

But, before you go, here is a quick look at my week in pictures.


Yep.  Dreaming in Craft work is as fun as it looks.  :-)


I went to dinner with my friends Josh & Renée at Blue Star Cafeteria.  Delicious!

Then we went to Bananarchy to eat chocolate covered frozen bananas.  It was so good!  Look at all that chocolate!


 On Saturday I went to the Austin Craft Riot meeting at El Mercado and had shrimp tacos.  I have been thinking about them ever since.  I can’t wait to go back and order them again!


I got lots of work done this week. I still have tons to do.  Isn’t that how it always is?  😉


Have you ever participated in the Weekend Hashtag Project on Instagram?  This week the theme was #electricalsky.  Since I love taking these kinds of photos I decided to go for it.  I didn’t make it to the Instagram blog but I think I got some pretty great pictures.

It was another good week for me.  How about you?  How was your week?


DIY – How To Make A Needle Book

If you’re anything like me when you craft, you have a hard time keeping track of your needles.  I don’t know where they go but I’m always buying more needles!  I recently bought another package of needles at the craft store and decided this time I would come up with a new way to store them in between projects.

This is what I came up with.

 I used some of the buttons from my clay button DIY to decorate my book.

If you make a needle book I would love to see pictures.  Just comment with a link to the location or email me at!


Clay Button Kit Giveaway

Do you remember my clay button DIY project?

I had so much fun making buttons that I decided to give away a clay button kit for my May giveaway!

Here’s what you can win.

Sound like fun?  It’s so easy to enter!  All you have to do is comment on this post with your name and an email where I can reach you if you win.  The giveaway will be open through Monday, May 28th.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 29th.  Good luck!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new DIY!


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