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Tiny Treasures Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Tiny Treasures Giveaway last week.  For those of you who missed it, I asked for help choosing new colors for my Smiley Face Tiny Treasures pouch.

I got lots of great suggestions!  Thanks for all of your help.

We had ten entries in the giveaway and a winner was chosen at random.  The lucky winner is comment number FIVE!  Congratulations, Erin!  You remember Erin, right?  I bought my nail polish ring from her!

Erin – I will contact you soon to get your color choice and get to work on your pouch.  :-)

If you are interested in having a smiley face pouch of your own just head over to Dreaming in Craft.  If you have a special color in mind feel free to contact me.

Check back each month for more giveaways!



Week in Pictures – Week Five

Last week was a busy and fun week.  Here’s a peek at what it looked like.

I made some zipper pouches for Dreaming in Craft orders,


spent some time with my pal Renée on Thursday and went to a movie and Amy’s ice cream with another Friend on Friday,


posted a giveaway and a new series on the blog,


took silly pictures of the pets,


spent a little time outside (as much as my allergies would let me…not much),


and finally got my iPad!


That’s pretty much it for my week.  This is going to be a busy/fun week, too.  I have a meeting tonight, a trivia night Tuesday and plans to hang out with a great friend on Friday.  In between I’ll be sewing like crazy!  :-)  It’s a nice change since the last couple of months have been really stressful.


Tiny Treasures Giveaway

April is almost over so it’s time to have another giveaway!

This month I need your help.  My Green Smiley Face Tiny Treasures zipper pouch has been a big hit on Etsy lately so I think it’s time to add more colors.  I need your help picking the new colors.

Here’s what I need you to do.  Comment on this post with the color you would like to see for this zipper pouch and you will be entered into a random drawing to win one of your own!  You get to pick the color I make for you!  Sound like fun?  Well, start commenting.

But first, I do have a couple rules.

  • Please only comment once.  If you have more than one color suggestion you can add them all in your comment.  This is to make it fair for everyone.  :-)
  • Please include your name and an email address where I can contact you if you win.
  • Comments will be accepted today through Tuesday, April 24th at 10:00 pm Texas time.  Hehe!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 25th.

Good luck and thank you for your help!


The Oasis

Have you ever been to The Oasis in Austin?  It’s a restaurant on the lake and it is so beautiful.  They call themselves the Sunset Capital of Texas…for good reason.

At the Oasis you can expect to enjoy some good food, great music and awesome sunsets.  But that’s not all.  There is also shopping!  I am very happy to announce that you can now purchase Dreaming in Craft products there!  So, head over there and have some fun.  Make sure you take home a present for yourself, too.  :-)



Prima Dora

I have some great news!  Dreaming in Craft will soon be available at Prima Dora!

Prima Dora is a cute little gift shop on South Congress in Austin.  I’m so excited to finally have a home in that neighborhood.  That’s been one of my goals since I started Dreaming in Craft.  I have sold at markets out there but now I’ll have items available all the time!

I’ll have a few of my favorite items available.



Zipper Pouches


Tiny Treasures Mini Zipper Pouches


Embroidery Hoops


Phone Cases

I’ll be dropping things off at the store this weekend so stop by next week to get your Dreaming in Craft goodies!  :-)


Welcome Home

Welcome to the new home of Dreaming in Craft!  I want to thank Josh and Renée for creating such a cute and colorful site that is a perfect reflection of Dreaming in Craft. will also be the new home of my blog.  As some of you know, my blog was located on Blogger under the name It’s Always Something for two years.  That’s where I learned how to craft and blog.  I was inspired to start my business as a result of that blog.  Now everything will be kept together on this site and reflect the ideas and inspiration behind Dreaming in Craft.  Don’t worry.  Past posts can be found here, too!  Just use the categories on the side bar to search specific topics or scroll through the older posts to see where it all started.  :-)

I thought it would be fun to start things off on the new site with a giveaway.   Want a hint about what you could win?  The theme of this giveaway is pictures.  Did you guess what it is?  Check back tomorrow to see!


Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouches

I am so excited to announce a brand new item available at Dreaming in Craft!  Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouches are the perfect size for your credit cards, change, a little cash or those tiny treasures you want to keep safe in your purse. If you don’t feel like carrying a whole purse around this is a great pouch to keep in your pocket.
Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouches are available in five designs with more to come.
 {Click on the photos to be directed to the listings.}
The first four designs match original larger zipper pouch designs.
Smiley Face
Green Smiley Face Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouch

Felt Flower
Yellow and Blue Flower Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouch

Button Cherries
Button Cherries Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouch
Pink Sky
Pink Sky Tiny Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouch
I added one brand new design specially for the mini pouches debut.  I will be adding this to the larger zipper pouch designs soon, too.
Pink Butterfly Treasures Mini Felt Zipper Pouch
I am so happy to be working fun new items for Dreaming in Craft.  Keep an eye on the shop because new stuff will be coming regularly for the next couple of months!  :-)

Dreaming in Craft News

Hi!  Sorry for being away for so long.  This was a busy week for me.  I had to finish up my plushies for Cupid’s Corner so I was busy!  I managed to take some time yesterday to list some new embroidery hoops at Dreaming in Craft and I wanted to share them with you.
{Click on the pictures to be directed to the listings.}
Red Balloon
Red Balloon Embroidery Hoop
Smiley Face
Rainbow Bunting
Button Flower Garden
I hope to have some more new items up next weekend so stay tuned!  :-)
p.s.  The blog might be a little quiet for a couple more weeks.  I have lots of big changes planned so I need a little time to get everything ready.  Thanks for being patient.

Cupid’s Corner – A Valentine’s Pop Up Shop

Dreaming in Craft is taking part in a really fun event here in Austin on February 11th & 12th.  Cupid’s Corner is a two day pop up shop featuring Austin artists.  Come visit Hypercastle Studio where you will find some fun and unique gifts for your special valentine.
Wondering what types of items will be available at the pop up shop?  Check out this pin board on Pinterest.  It’s filled with samples from each artist.

Fortune Favors the Brave

I’m a Chinese food fan.  Not only is the food delicious, but you also get a fortune with your meal.  I like to save the good ones.  I have been noticing a pattern in some of my fortunes over the past few months.
I’m really liking this pattern.
I got this fortune on my birthday.  Three months is February 16th.  I wonder if anything will really happen.  :-)

What’s with all the carrots?

28vPhF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Bunnies!  Bunnies, it must be bunnies!!  :-)

I made lots of carrot plushies this weekend!  Did you work on any fun craft projects?

p.s.  I learned about Make a Gif from Grrfeisty‘s blog.  It’s pretty fun!  Now I have to come up with more fun pictures to take so I can make more.  Yay!


I’m over here!

Hi!  I’m just stopping by to let you know that there’s a giveaway happening over at Crafted.  Guess what.  It’s my giveaway!  I guess I didn’t get enough of giving away cute stuff to all of you awesome readers.  :-)
Want to win this felt zipper pouch from Dreaming in Craft?
Dreaming in Craft Giveaway
Just click on the picture to be directed to Dom’s site and enter!
Good luck!

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