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DIY – How To Make Clay Buttons

As some of you may already know, I love buttons!  I have been wanting to try to make my own for a while now and decided that it was finally time to give it a try.  I created a DIY in case you want to join in the fun and make some buttons of your own!

Let’s get started!

Now I just need to think of some fun projects for these buttons.  Any suggestions?

If you decide to make some clay buttons I would love to see pictures.  Just comment with a link to the location or email me at dreamingincraft@gmail.com!


Treasury – Buttons!!!

It’s Treasury Tuesday!  Today’s treasury was inspired by something I saw in the Etsy Finds email.
Did you see this giant button from Lupin Handmade??  It is magnificent!
It’s not a secret that I love buttons.  I have written at least a couple of blog posts all about the wonderfulness of them here on my blog and they are a main feature in many of my own craft projects.  Today after I saw this button I found myself searching Etsy for more buttons.  These are just a few of the fun buttons I found.
Click an item to be directed to the listing on Etsy.

Button/Paper Flower…


Four Hole Rimmed Bu…

6 pcs, Fabric Cover…

Wood Buttons – Six …

Flower Fabric Butto…

Ooooo Baby 15 Vinta…

20 Painted Wood But…

Recycled Skateboard…

1 x Giant 8cm / 3i…

Crochet Flower Ring…

Oval glass buttons,…

1 Inch Fabric Cover…

Antique China Butto…

Sewing Buttons – Co…

Lot of 25 Natural W…
Now I need your honest opinion.  I love to make buttons.  That’s why I make button jewelry.  Ever since I opened my shop this year I have considered not only selling button jewelry but also making sets of buttons to sell as supplies at Dreaming in Craft.  I just can’t decide if that’s too different from the finished product items I sell.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  In your opinion, is it okay to sell supplies and finish products together?  Just curious.  :-)

Fabric Button Hair Pins

I applied for a holiday craft show and I needed to have a new idea for a gift to put in the goodie bags if I was accepted.  My friend Bridget from Love Peace Family suggested making some fabric button hair pins to go along with the fabric button jewelry I already made.  Great idea!  
I made one sample for the application.
I took the sample with me to meet with Sanctuary and she liked them so I made a few more to take to the store.
I’m ordering supplies to make more for Atown and I’m considering adding a couple pairs to my shop, too.  :-)
Have you been working on any new projects lately? 

Sanctuary Sneak Peek – Buttons

This week’s Sanctuary Sneak Peek is all about the button jewelry!
I tried to pick bright, fun colors to fit in with such a bright, fun store.
Of course I have some rings, too.

Did you see the new packaging in the ring pictures?  I love it!

So much cute stuff…but that’s not all!  Check back this afternoon so you can see the brand new item that I have available at Sanctuary!

Treasury – Button, Button…

Today’s treasury is all about pin back buttons.  They’re so fun!  I hope to have my own button press in the next few months so I can make some of my own.  I have so many ideas!  :-)  For now I’ll have to settle for enjoying other button designs.  This is the first in what I’m sure will become a series of pin back button treasuries.  Enjoy!
Click the picture to go to the listing

Captain America Vin…

Famous Scientist Bu…

5 Blackboard… 2.2…

Buddy the Elf Butto…

Firefly and Serenit…

Coffee Doodles, 1 i…

Mix Tape – 1 Inch P…

You Are Too Close B…


we fit – one inch p…

Doctor Who Pin Back…

just chillin

Rainbow in a Cloud …

Happy Face Girls – …


I Love Your Face
Check back tomorrow.  I have a new plushie to show you!  :-)

Getting Ready

Hello!!!  It’s been a long time!  So sorry for being away for such a long time.  Life has been crazy!  I live in Buda, work in Austin and I started a fitness class in Lockhart that meets three evenings a week so I have been on the road  a lot!  Add getting ready for a couple of May craft markets into that and I am busy!!!  I am happy to say that today is the first day of a four day weekend for me so I have lots of blogs to catch up on in the next few days.  :-)
Let’s get started!
This weekend I made another batch of fabric button jewelry to take to May markets.
I went to B&B Quilting and found some pretty new fabrics
and then I got to work! 
This is what a piece of fabric looks like after I finish cutting it up for buttons.
There isn’t much left!
These are the finished pieces!
Small Button Rings
Large Button Rings
I realized after I finished the necklaces that I completely left out one piece of fabric so I ordered a few more buttons that should be here early next week.  I’ll post pictures when they are finished.
I’m so behind on my blog reading since I’ve been so busy!  Have you posted any projects that you are really proud of?  Leave a comment with the link so I can be sure to read it.  I love finding inspiration from my amazingly talented blog friends.  :-)

Round Two

This is going to be a crazy month!  Not only will I be opening up my Etsy shop (finally!), but I will also be selling at two craft markets within a week of each other.  Since First Thursday was canceled in February due to bad weather I decided I would go ahead and rent a booth for March.  The following weekend I will be sharing a booth at the 78704 market with Bridget from Love Peace Family.  I’m so excited about that one!  It’s going to be fun to spend the day with her and sell our cute things together. 
When I started to think about the amount of items I had made and the amount of places I would be selling them I got a little nervous.  It’s very possible that I won’t sell one thing at either market and I will have tons of left overs, but I decided to play it safe and go ahead and make some more items just in case I get lucky and actually sell something!  I don’t want to be unprepared and have nothing for market number two.  :-)
Last week I got to work ordering supplies to make more felt flower hair clips, fabric button rings and fabric button necklaces.  I’m happy to say that all of my supplies came in the mail yesterday so this is going to be a busy and very fun week!  I also plan to work on a couple of embroidery hoop pictures and maybe another plushie or two before it’s time for the markets.  I have an idea for a new plushie that I want to try! 
I wanted to get some new fabric for this second round of button jewelry at Stitch Lab but it was such a crazy weekend that I didn’t make it out there (I’ll go there for round three).  Luckily I could just walk across the street to B&B Quilting and get some pretty fabric to use.  I ended up choosing a charm pack from Moda so I would have a good variety of fabrics to choose from.  I picked Sugar Pop by Liz Scott.  Isn’t it cute?? 
I can see a lot of fun ways to cut these fabrics to make really fun buttons!  I can’t wait to get started!  and since I got the charm pack I got 42 different pieces of fabric for the price I would have paid for one larger piece!  This gives me a lot more variety.  I’m finishing up my flower clips this week and hopefully I’ll get to work on these rings this weekend.  I’ll be sure to post pictures so you can see the finished products.  :-)

Fabric Button Necklaces

I realized the other day that I never wrote a blog about my fabric button necklaces.  Crazy!  Those are some of my very favorite things to make!  Well, here goes…
After I made the fabric button rings I realized how much I loved making fabric buttons so I wanted to come up with another item to make for Etsy/craft markets that I could make with buttons.  Since I’m a fan of necklaces that seemed like the next logical step. 
I ordered 1 1/4″ cover buttons because I wanted them to be a little bigger than the rings I made.  I got a few new pieces of fabric so I could have a little more variety.  I used most of my scraps on the rings so I needed some more choices.  I made some to match the rings and some completely new pieces.  I love taking time to look at the fabric and try to figure out fun patterns to make when I cut my circles.  It’s so fun! 
These are my necklaces!

Here they are on my pretty new display.
I really hope people like them as much as I do because I want to make more!

Jellyfish Rings (aka Button Rings)

Remember my fabric buttons?
I finished my project on Monday and I finally had time to take pictures to show you what I made!  I made fabric button rings!!!
I made 25 3/4″ rings
and 25 7/8″ rings.
I know it’s not the most original idea in the world but I have been wanting to make them since I started my little crafty adventure in February and never got around to it.  When I decided that I was finally ready to start selling my crafts I thought these would be a perfect little item to have.  I am completely in love with each and every one of them and wish I could keep them all for myself.  I guess I can share.  😉  I really enjoyed making these.  It was a simple project but it was so nice to work on.  I can’t wait to make more.  I made 50 for now and then I’ll work on more in other sizes later.  I want to make some with regular buttons, too.  They are so cute!
Are you wondering why I called this blog Jellyfish Rings?  Why?  It makes total sense to me!  😉  I took this Hipstamatic picture to post on facebook when I finished the rings because I was so excited to show my friends. 
I couldn’t flip them over to show the button part until the glue dried.  My friend thought they looked like tiny jellyfish so I decided to call them jellyfish rings.  It makes me smile even if no one else gets it.  :-)

Sneak Peek – Fabric Buttons

Fabric and buttons.  When you put them together I am one happy crafty girl.  :-)  I made a bunch of fabric buttons this weekend for a project I’m trying out.

I used all scrap fabric.  I try to keep all of the scraps that are big enough to cut small pieces out of for projects like this.  I’m so glad I do.  I love these!  In this set I have pieces from both of my quilts, a One Yard Wonders project, my co-worker Christmas gifts and fabric from a bag of really cute scraps I bought at Craft Riot.
I have so many ideas for things I want to make with fabric buttons, but I’m starting with just one for now and I’ll slowly add to the collection as I have time and money for supplies.  My thumbs are killing me from pressing them.  I made 33 size 30 buttons and 33 size 36 buttons.  It was so fun!!!

I got the rest of my supplies in the mail and finished the project last night!  I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ve been wanting to try fabric button projects since I started this blog but never got around to doing it.  I’m so glad I finally did!  I’ll share the finished product later this week.


Buttons & Blogs

Look what I got this week!  Lots and lots of buttons!  And the best part is that they were all free!!!  Aren’t they pretty? 

I realized after I put all the buttons away that even after I spent about fifteen minutes sorting them and setting them up all pretty for this picture, one of the buttons is upside down!  I didn’t really feel like taking them all out again so I left it.  Can you spot the upside down button?  😉


Okay, go read this post at My Milk Toof.  It’s really cute!


I finished a plushie last night and I can’t wait to share it with you on Saturday.  I would post it earlier but I won’t have time to photograph it before Friday.  I’m so excited to show you!  In the meantime, I’ll be back tomorrow 365 Project.  :-)

Stay tuned!


The Sweetest Thing

Look what Katja from Maedchenmitherz sent me! 
Aren’t these the loveliest buttons you have ever seen??
When I got home today and opened the mail box to find this, my not-so-great Monday turned into a magical day!  Thank you so much Katja! 
This made me smile!  :-)

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